Having sex in the car can be seen as something only for Chinese acrobats. It can seem to be impossible. Well, you just need to be with the right person, and the location won’t matter. There are a few rules you must follow to not be caught by the police and others and to make it a more pleasant time.

Don’t hesitate on knowing which are the best positions for men and women; they are a perfect start point to know what to do inside a car. Dirty talk is a must to help you relax and to say out loud how hot things are.

I hope you enjoy some adrenalin so here are some rules and tips for having sex inside a vehicle.

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4 Rules For Having Sex In The Car

  • First

Park your car in a place with little to no movement especially pedestrians. The goal is to do it in a sexy place and not to be caught in the first second by someone. Some people love to take the risk of being caught, and that becomes a turn on. Actually getting caught is a whole different story. Plus, do it after sunset, so no one from the outside can see what is going on.


  • Second

Angle the mirrors so you can have a very clear view of what is going on.


  • Third

Use up all the car. Belts; having the seats up or down and pretty much you have in there can be used as a prop or for you to hold on.


  • Fourth

Use a towel. No one likes dirty seats or to get their butts sticky when sitting down.


How To Have Sex In The Car

  • Find a position

Although fun, having sex in the car can be awkward. There is always someone with a cramp somewhere; your head is always going against something; you want to achieve some crazy position that someone told you about. In a car (unless you are in the back of a van with a mattress) it’s difficult to change positions. The best way to do it is to choose a position and stick to it.


  • Use music

Of course, you can have music playing wherever you have sex, but in the car, it can bring another type on sensation. Think about this: when you put the volume up in the car, everything vibrates. When you are having sex, it makes parts of your body vibrate as well making you full of different sensations throughout your body. Plus, it can muffle the sound and also screams, moaning and other types of sound can’t be heard outside.


  • Do it slowly

Cars have a lot less space in them than a bedroom or any other room of the house. Moving slowly makes both of you eager with, and it provides you with extra care to not hurt you or your partner.


  • Be careful with the horn

Doing it outside involves risks, especially one very noticeable: being caught. If you honk the horn, you are attracting eyes and people that you don’t want. Know where it is and avoid it at any cost.


  • Have everything you need in hand

You may not notice, but sex can need several things for it to be possible to happen and make it more comfortable. Anything you need, have it on hand: lube, condoms, tissues, chewing gum, baby wipes, a towel or a blanket to cover the seat.


  • Have flexibility

Cars can be small, so if you aren’t small yourself, you better have some flexibility. Anything is possible, so if you are 7 feet tall and are flexible, you can have sex in a Smart without any issue.


Best Sex Positions To Have Sex In The Car

  • Lapdance


Although it requires a little bit of leg strength, in the car, she can help herself to anything she has in front of her to grab onto. While the woman is sitting on top of the man she can control how fast she goes and the angle of entry. Be careful to not bump your head onto the ceiling.


  • Modified doggy-style

Modified doggy style
Modified doggy style

A modified doggy style can be done in the front seat. Push the seat all the way back and down. She lays down on her belly while pushing her butt up and he can penetrate her from the behind.


  • Spooning

Spooning is an option for the back seat. The man lays down sideways with his front to her back and penetrates her from the behind. Plus, if you are going to a second round, you are already in the right position.


  • Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl

A woman riding a man can be fun in any place. If she does it facing him, you will be able to touch each other. If you do it the other way around, it will bring different sensations to both of you. Plus, this way she can do some experiment with the angle she is sitting. By leaning towards his feet, she will give him a fantastic view of her rear and still will be hiding from the eyes that go by outside.


  • Missionary


Missionary position can be done easily. If she plays with her legs, it will be a modified missionary position. But it can be a little bit claustrophobic so be careful and explore your options.


  • Mutual masturbation

This is not a position itself, but there isn’t a place where you can’t do it. For this one, you need your hands and a consenting partner.


  • Oral sex

Oral sex can be done in several ways, but the best one for him is in the front seat. With him in the driver’s seat and she on the passenger one, the only thing needed is for him to unzip his pants. She leans towards him and makes him go to heaven. It’s easy for her, and he will be able to play with her hair.

For women, the best way to receive is with their man laying down on his back on the back seat with her sitting on his face.


Summing up!

Sex in the car is a great way to spice things up if you have been together for a long time, or a need if you still live with your parents and don’t want to be caught. It can be hot, sexy but at the same time can be too much for you to enjoy as a lovemaking session.

Also, it can make your car seriously dirty in the inside, so you must be prepared for everything. Don’t be afraid to try some new stuff or use something that you usually wouldn’t for sex. Let your mind run wild. You are in a car, get the most of it and don’t be afraid.


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