Giving an orgasm to your partner can seem impossible sometimes. Maybe you don’t know which are the best positions to make her have an orgasm. Also, if you are thinking about your first time having sex, there are a few things you should know before losing your virginity. Every woman is different, and you need to find out what brings her to the edge. Here are some tips to help you to be better at sex and at the same time, make her never forget the fabulous time you had.


  • First and most important: get her mind into it

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The first thing you should know and the most important of all of them is to get her mind into it even before you get to the bedroom. Women usually can’t forget the worries of their day in a second, so they have to work to keep them out of their minds in order to have sex. It’s your job to help her relax. Text her during the day telling her what you want to do that night. Ease her mind into it. If she is still tense once you get to her, make her relax first. For some women it means talking about what happened until they let go of all that bad energy, for others, it means having a massage from their loved ones. Figure out what type is your partner and work accordingly.


  • Know where the clitoris is

A lot of women don’t have an orgasm just by having intercourse. Clitoral stimulation is extremely important. Learn where it is and what to do to it.

Although this part of the body is packed with nerves that give her pleasure, it is not the only part you should touch. For instance…


  • Pay more attention to her butt

Usually, unless you are having anal sex, the butt is overlooked. It is a very sensitive part of her body: “the buttocks are packed with nerve endings,” says Gilda Carle, Ph.D., a sex therapist in New York City. “To give her a surprising jolt of pleasure, spread your fingers wide and squeeze both buttocks.”


  • Pay more attention to her neck

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If you are one of those guys that think the neck is just another part of the body, think again. The neck is one of the most erogenous parts of the women body, and it is one of the best places to stimulate a woman: it’s packed with nerves and blood vessels. Give it slight touches and gentle kisses.



  • Learn what she likes

Some men think that they know everything about the woman body and believe that just by doing certain things their partner will have an orgasm. That’s wrong even if you have been together for years. First, you have to learn what she likes. Don’t be afraid to ask her. Then, try new things, new movements. Take this opportunity to talk dirty to her. Tell her what you would like to do to her with a sexy voice. Plus, slow down instead of speeding up. Slowing down things will make her crave with anticipation.  



  • Don’t stop the kisses

Kisses are a special aphrodisiac for women. Kiss your partner everywhere you can think of.

Deep kissing is a must for women to reach orgasm, according to a survey made in 2007.

Women are much more likely to reach orgasm if their partner uses a combination of kisses, oral sex, and genital stimulation.





  • Use Lube

Even if both of you are going at it hot and heavy, your woman may not get enough lubrication. That can be a stress factor and if it starts to hurt she won’t be able to relax enough to even think of having an orgasm. Think ahead, get some lubricant and be prepared for anything that may happen.



  • Use toys

Sex Toys
Sex Toys


Using toys can be intimidating for some men especially if they want to give their partner an orgasm. If your girlfriend/wife doesn’t have the big “O” with you even if you are doing everything right, it’s probably time to break out the toys. Many women can only achieve orgasm with the help of a vibrator. Pick it up from the nightstand and hold it against her clitoris. Ask her how she wants it, don’t make it too fast for her. Be creative.


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