Being good at sex is no rocket science. Doesn’t matter if you are shy or shameless; virgin or not. Being good at anything requires practice. Probably you have had sex before and want to know what else can you do to be better at “doing it”. If you are still a virgin, having sex can seem scary and you are wondering what you can do to be good at it. In that case, there are things you need to know before losing your virginity.

With that in mind here are some tips for you to improve yourself during sex.


Take The Charge

You being a woman are probably waiting for the man in your life to take the first step. You waited for him to ask you out, the first kiss, first “I love you,” and now you are waiting for him to initiate sex. Waiting for him is a huge mistake. Men like to know that you are into them and that you want sexy time. Taking charge and initiating sex can be hot and it sends a straightforward message: I want you right here, right now.

Trust me: His dick will get hard in no time.


Dress up

Do you know that fantasy that men have of seeing their lover on a small sexy latex dress? It’s true: they want that. Your man wants you to be sexy for him. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be some latex piece of clothing. For instance, if you go out, dress yourself up. Put makeup on and high-heels. Also, lingerie is a must. You’ll put a grin on his face and a bulge in his pants.


Know What You Want

Men love women that know what they want. Truth be told: if you don’t know what you like, how will he?

All your man wants is to pleasure you. Don’t make him go on a “wild hunt.” Instead, teach exactly what he should know.


Make Noises

Usually, while doing something fun, you make noises. You laugh, you scream, you talk to whoever is with you. This applies to sex as well. Think about it: have you ever had sex with someone who was quiet all the time? And if so, did you enjoy it? Probably not.

Making noises is essential for your partner to know if you are enjoying it. Moaning and heavy breathing say a lot during sex. But don’t be like those porn stars that scream loud and clear for everybody in the world to know. Make noise but not to much or it can make him want to ditch you.

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Men Like Diversity

Men like diversity. It’s simple. Think about this: when you feel down you go and eat all the chocolate in the world, but if you did it every day, you would crave for something else. Usually, men want something different, that they are not used to especially when they plan to stick with the same person to the rest of their lives. Give him something different from the usual or recall the early days when you did something that you don’t do anymore. Surprise in any way you can. If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry. Think about something else and try it the next time.


Oral Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Oral sex is the best way for you to pleasure your partner. It never goes out of fashion. Yes, it’s tiresome, your jaw gets sore, your tongue gets weary but don’t you think your man deserves it? And it doesn’t matter if you do it for a long time or for a short period. Of course, men will always want more but let’s not make you need a jaw transplant. Do your best, practice a lot and make it easier for you.


Summing up!

As you may have noticed, having sex is not that complicated. You need to be willing to sometimes, do things that you don’t like. Men have simple minds: they are hungry so they eat; your partner loves you, so he wants to show you off to the world; he is feeling excited, he wants to have sex. Make him feel different things during the experience and show him you know what you want. Doesn’t matter if he his the bossiest person you have ever met, all he wants is to make you have an orgasm. Make him happy and you won’t be disappointed.


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