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Your girlfriend can be the worst sometimes, always nagging you. It looks like you are always doing something wrong. Or men seems to be a mystery to women. They don’t know what they want, what they think or even what they are sometimes doing. Your boyfriend is perfect in your eyes, but there can be times where everything looks wrong, stupid, small and big at the same time. These are all the question everyone asks themselves at a point in their relationship and seeks the answers. If you are also wondered here searching for tip and relationship advice than let me asure you are in the right place. We ‘Loser or Lover” will give the best tips and bits of advice which will boost your relationship to another level.

Long distance Relationship

How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship?

Keeping a long distance relationship can seem to be something impossible to accomplish. It’s not exactly like that. All you need is to put work and dedication...

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