If you are a man and feel like you can’t make a woman happy during sex, these tips are for you. In the mind of a woman, a man is good at sex when he is able to make her enjoy herself. Believe me or not, it’s not that hard. It only takes more time for them to get in the mood than you. If you rush it, she won’t have a pleasant experience.

With that in mind, here are some tips for you to be better at sex.


Exercise Together

Exercising together is the same as saying “Let the pheromones do all the work for you.” People feel attracted to each other mainly because of pheromones. While working out you release into the air, tiny particles that make her attracted to you (and the same works for her as well). Plus it is a good time for you to show off your strength. Never underestimate the power of testosterone.


Use Your Tongue Wisely

Your tongue is your best asset. Use it wisely not only on her private parts but on the rest of the body as well especially when kissing. For women, kisses are a powerful aphrodisiac. Use your tongue in any way you can, and she will fall on your feet.

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Work On The Clit

The clitoris is that little part on the women’s body that exists only for pleasure. You, as a man, are probably going there like it is a must. Actually, it’s not like that. For many women, the clitoris is so sensitive that it’s better untouched, at least the small part you see.

The clitoris is shaped like a “v” – like a wishbone – and extends several inches on each side. You can apply pressure on each side with your hands and tongue. As you get closer to the center, she will become filled with anticipation, and the indirect contact will make her pleasure centers come to life.


Do it Doggy-style

Doggy Style

Going doggy-style, it’s probably nothing new to you. But, what if I told you that you could bring her to the hedge with a simple trick? Instead of going deep and fast, go short and shallow. This will make her pleasure centers come to life, and she will be asking for more the next second.




One of the most crucial parts of sex is foreplay. This is the most underestimated thing by men when it comes to sex. Women need time for things to happen in her body. It takes a longer time for them to become aroused. Take your time on foreplay and explore her body. Don’t be shy, use your hands and your mouth and ask her what she wants from you. Plus, while she gets wet, you will get harder which translates to a better sex experience for both.


Use The Right Cologne

If you want to seduce your partner, choose a cologne that she likes. If she has a soft spot for it, you will have her always by your side, hugging and kissing always imagining the moment she will rip your clothes off.


Don’t Neglect The Neck

Kiss here

If you think the neck is just another part of the body like an arm, think again. You may not go further kissing an arm but kissing her neck can let you go a long way. Don’t be afraid. Kiss it, lick it, caress it. It is one of the most erogenous parts of the human body, and it should get as much attention as any other part.


Hold Hands

Holding hands can work as an aphrodisiac. It makes people closer to each other, and it’s a way to show the world that your girlfriend/wife is yours and that you aren’t afraid to show it.  

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Summing up!

As you may have noticed, women are more about words and thoughts than men and it is something you can’t wrap your head around. You have to let nature follow its course. Use pheromones as a weapon. Make her attracted to you, and know her body parts. Try and ask what she likes the most. There is a chance that not even her knows what she wants so try different things. Don’t lose your patience and you will be rewarded.

If you are a virgin looking for advice don’t forget there are things you should know before losing your virginity.


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