Having sex for the first time may be a little bit scary. You don’t know what to do, when to do it and how. Of course, there are things you need to know before losing your virginity that no one tells you plus there may be other things you are curious about like “how does sex feel?” or “should I wear birth control the first time?” All of this questions will have an answer but first what you need to know is how to get a girlfriend.
Getting a girlfriend can be more challenging than you would expect. First of all, you need to find out a way to make girls like you and then pick one out of the bunch. Then you have to make that girl like you even more and maybe fall in love for you.

get a girlfriend
● Build up a network of people

The first step to make a girl like you is to know people. Be friends with everyone, if she belongs to your group of close friends even better. The goal here is to talk to her and make her laugh. Girls are suckers for boys who make them laugh.

● Be yourself

Be yourself on an extended level. Just don’t try to be someone you are not. If you don’t find something funny, don’t laugh. If you think something is annoying, speak it up. Make her love you for who you are, not someone you are making up at the moment.

● Be confident

Girls love a confident man. Be relaxed and smile. Your body language says a lot. Be sure of what you say and do. Work on your conversational skills and when talking to her always make eye contact. If you are already doing this and it’s not working, try leaning a little bit back so she won’t feel like you are all up in her face.

● Take care of your appearance

The first thing a girl notices when she meets you for the first time is your appearance, the way you look like. Girls like boys that take care of themselves and are comfortable with who they are. Take care of your body by practicing physical exercise and hand pick your clothes to look the best way possible.

get a girlfriend

● Be trustworthy

Girls like to know you are someone on they can rely on. If you agree to meet at a particular time, you better be there 5 minutes earlier, not half an hour later. Being late is the first for her not to trust you.
Looking good isn’t everything, and if a girl can trust you, you will become magically attractive. If she needs something, be sure to be the first one at her door.

● Flirt

Flirting is a quick way to make a girl like you. Before you begin to think that flirting is impossible for you, be aware that practice makes perfect and, in this case, will boost your self-confidence. Use flirting as a way to make her laugh. This way tension will go away, and you will open doors to intimacy. But don’t overdo it (at least in public).
When you are only the two of you, flirt to make an impression. She will know a part of you that no one else knows.

● Don’t fall in the friendzone

One of the mistakes that men usually do is to fall into the friendzone very quickly. Of course, when you like a girl, you want to be there for her always.
Be her friend the best way you can but don’t be too available. If you are always unoccupied and ready to help her, you will fall right down into friendzone. Be there willing to help her but not too much. Have your own life, your projects and make her know that you “have things to do.” Believe it or not, it will make you a hundred times more delightful.

● Treat her differently

To make a girl like you, she needs to think that she has something different than the others. If you go flirting with every girl you meet, she will lose interest. Treat the girl you like in a unique way, so she begins to think what she has different from the other ones. You will be stuck in her head in no time.

get a girlfriend

● Break the touch barrier

Girls like to be touched the right way in the right time. At this stage, you may like her more than a little and want to hug her with all of your strength, but she is probably not ready for it. Take your time winning her heart, and then you will know when it is time for a slight touch or a tight hug.

● Tell the truth

One thing that you must be aware of all times is: women have their own lie detector. They know precisely when you are lying and how much of a lie it his.
When talking to a girl, be honest with her. This way she will know she can trust you and that you are someone she can rely on.

● Don’t over text

For as much time a girl is on her phone talking to her friends, if you want to make her fall for you, don’t keep on texting million of messages during the day. Give her space, let her be. You are probably in her mind and if she texts you, great! If she doesn’t, you can always send her a text at the end of the day asking how her day went.

● Make sure you are her escape

Every girl in this world needs to have someone to whom they can talk to about everything and anything. Be sure you are her escape, someone she can tell everything and anything. Be there for her at this time of need and soon you will notice you are the one she seeks.

get a girlfriend

● Use your manners

Nothing is more attractive than a polite man. A man who opens and closes doors for a woman; a man that respects her; a man that doesn’t use curse words in every single sentence he says. Be polite with and around her, and you will become instantly attractive.

● Make sure she wants more

Playing cat and mouse can be a fun game. Girls love to play hard to get, and usually, men fall for that in a second. You can do it too. Be mysterious in your own way. Tell her enough to keep her coming back for more but don’t tell her everything to a point she is getting bored. Plus, don’t over do it when playing hard to get or she may lose interest forever.

● Tell her how you feel

Women love a manly man that can do manly things, but at the same time, they love when a man opens up about his feelings. Tell her how you feel when something happens. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Plus, women love to know they are the one you can count on.

● Makes endorphins work for you

Did you ever hear that plan usually young men have to make girls like them? It goes like this: take a woman to a dangerous place so you can put your arm around her and she will fall for you. It’s true. Endorphins are powerful. The best thing to make her fall for you is to take her on a roller coaster on a date. Adrenalin and some type of fear will be everywhere, and it is the perfect opportunity for you to cuddle her.

get a girlfriend

● Work on the conversation

Age is just a number, and it’s never too late to learn how to speak correctly. Don’t swear and when describing things use some words that are not that common. Plus, never get out of things to say. Always have a list of topics in your mind so the conversation doesn’t die.

● Be thoughtful

Girls love to know you remember what they told you before. You get bonus points if you remember something that was said or done ages ago. Then you hit the jackpot when you remember something she has already forgotten. Be thoughtful towards her. It will show the girl you remember her no matter the situation.

● Take your time

Taking your time when trying to make a girl fall for you is essential, or you will be remembered as pushy. Don’t force her to do anything she isn’t ready for. Be patient and if you feel like something is not working, change your strategy. But be aware, she may not be attracted to you in any way. It’s your job to know if she is worth the trouble.

get a girlfriend

Summing up!

Making a girl to like you can seem impossible even after trying all the strategies. The key is “being patient.” Take all the time you need because starting is the hard part and it doesn’t matter if you are shy or a completely extroverted person. After that, it’s a small leap for you to get a girlfriend. Invest your time, patience and everything on her. If this is your first girlfriend, and you are still a virgin, don’t worry: the time for sex will come naturally. One of your main worries can be how to be good at sex. Take it easy and relax. Work on yourself first and then try new things. In simple words: take all the time you need.


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