Changing positions during sex can be awkward. You don’t know what to do, and as things get quiet on those moments, you start to feel like you should say something. First of all, remember that you are not alone. People all over the world feel the same.

Like anything in life, changing positions have rules too. Anything can happen during sex but don’t disrespect your partner desires. Changing a position just because you thought of it at the moment can be a huge turn-off. Sex is a rough activity, and without the help of the other person, both of you can get seriously hurt.


Rules to follow before changing sex positions


  • Announce it

The basic rule for changing positions is being on the same page as your partner. If you want to change positions you have to know that it is ok for both of you. You can ask your partner if he/she wants to change positions. If you are taking control of the situation, whisper in your partner’s ear “I want [blank]” and have both of you changing positions.


  • Work your way

When you are used to changing positions, you already know what to do and how to do it. If not, before telling your partner you want to change, think of a way that can make it go smoothly. Then, tell your partner what you want and how.


  • Don’t try crazy things

When going online, or while watching porn, you may encounter some fascinating stuff that in real life can be impossible to accomplish. Take your time to study it and explain the details to your partner. Work together for the same goal.


  • Do it

The last thing you need is to do it the best way you can. Be careful to not hurt your partner with a knee, an elbow or any other part of your body.


How to change sex positions:

  • Doggy style to flatiron

This one is pretty simple. Start in doggy-style. She starts to go flat by going from being on her hands and knees to being in her elbows and knees. He puts his hands on each side of her body against the surface on where they are having sex. She slowly goes down until she is laying on her stomach with him on top of her. Make all the adjustments you need and “Voila!”


  • Lotus to G-wiz

He starts by putting his hands on each side of his body, and she can begin to recline. Once she is on her back, he can lift himself upright and change her legs position and pelvis as they wish. For more fun times, she can put a pillow under her but and he brings her legs to his shoulders.


  • Cowgirl to Reverse Cowgirl

This change can be done in one of two ways.

-First Option:

She does a 360º on his erect penis. “Some women are able to transition to a reverse cowgirl by rotating themselves over the guy’s erect penis,” says  Michael Aaron, Ph.D., a sex therapist in New York. First, she puts her hands on both sides of her partner’s legs, straightens her left leg and swings it up over her partner’s chest. At this point, she is in a side saddle and on her feet rather than on her knees. Then, she rotates once again by putting her hands on both sides of his torso. Then all that’s left is for her to swing her right leg over his body and There you have it: reverse cowgirl.

-Second option

If you are not feeling adventurous or you don’t have that much experience, this option is for you. When in the cowgirl position, stand up and switch your left leg to the right side and put your right leg on his left side. Squat down over his penis facing away from him.


  • Ballerina To Upstanding Citizen

This position is adequate if he has upper body strength. “This sequence requires that the guy can hold up the woman and stay balanced during pelvic movement,” says Aaron.

To stay connected, she wraps one leg snuggly around his waist before he lifts up her other leg. While doing this, she must change the position of her arms around his neck to make sure he has a good grip.


  • Missionary to Cowgirl

Theoretically, this change is the easiest one. Both of you roll over 180º and change positions: he goes from top to bottom; she goes from bottom to top. Doing it without pulling out requires some practice but be careful not to hurt each other.


  • Missionary to Bow


This change is perfect for those who want deeper penetration. He starts by putting his left leg over her right leg. Then she tilts her pelvis slightly to the right and crosses her left leg over the right one in front of him. She has some more intense feelings, and he has his hands free to touch her body.

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Summing Up & More Ideas

If all of this still feels awkward, don’t worry. Laugh it off and keep on practicing. Also, you can use your mouth to make it less uncomfortable. Go from embarrassing to sexy by using dirty talk to fill up silent moments; kiss your partner everywhere you can to keep up the momentum or have oral sex to take a break. Use your imagination. Nothing is wrong when it comes to sex. Always make sure your partner agrees with what you are doing and have fun!

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