Men seem to be a mystery to women. They don’t know what they want, what they think or even what they are sometimes doing. Your boyfriend is perfect in your eyes, but there can be times where everything looks wrong, stupid, small and big at the same time. Sometimes you are fighting with your boyfriend, and you don’t know why. You want to change that. Here are some tips to help you to be a better girlfriend.

1. Give space to each other

The most important thing to be aware of when you are in a relationship is that both of you need space. You may need less space than he does, but you still need time for yourself. He needs the same, and sometimes it includes time for him to be with his friends having guy time. Of course, you can ask about what is going on but be cool about it. Your mind can be catching fire but you have to remain calm, or you will be a crazy girlfriend and he won’t want to tell you anything else and can become distant. If you think you don’t spend enough time together, you should talk to your boyfriend about that, but if you spend every day together, you may be a demanding girlfriend.

2. Get along with his friends and family

You may have noticed that men are very attached to their families and friends. His friends are like brothers, and they would die for one another. You being one of the most important people in his life, have to get along with all of the other important people in his life. He may love you deeply but if you are not accepted in his circle that may change. Plus, be extra kind to his parents. Those are the people he pays attention the most. You know your mother-in-law can be a headache for you because you are dating her son. Be extra nice to his mother. If you get along, your life and relationship will be much easier to deal with.

3. Dress up for date night

Men love a well-dressed woman. A black fitted dress and high heels always make men drool not matter the occasion. Usually, during the course of a relationship, people let themselves go. They don’t care as much about what they dress or what their look is. If this is your situation and if your man asks you out on a date, dress up. His eyes will light up, and you will feel pretty and sexy.

4. Let sex be just for him

Sometimes your boyfriend may feel underappreciated because he tries so hard to be a good and better boyfriend and you seem not to notice the hard work. You, as the girlfriend, have to let him know that you are not blind and that you see his effort. One easy way to do it is by allowing the sex to be all about him sometimes. Talk about your likes and dislikes and let him do something that you may not enjoy that much but that leaves him with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile from ear to ear.

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5. Be spontaneous during the day

Text messages are a useful tool that you have at your disposal every second of the day. Why not send him a quick and spontaneous text message? He will love to know he is in your mind. If you send him something dirty, even better. But be careful. Keep in mind is schedule, so you don’t send him something inappropriate at the wrong time.

6. Share what he loves

Men and women sometimes are like different species, and it may sometimes happen to you and your boyfriend. He may like sports a little too much, and you may like it a little to less, for example. It’s okay for things to be like that and don’t worry: there are a lot of functional couples who have nothing in common.
When your boyfriend loves something that you hate, you have to find a way to make it work for you. Share what he likes and don’t keep credit because he probably has done a lot of things for you that he hates as well.

7. Encourage your partner

One important thing in relationships is to encourage each other. And men usually need a little bit more encouragement than women. Your boyfriend may have a lot of doubts about something that he wants to do, and you may see nothing wrong with that. At those times, he only needs a little push in the right direction and some encouragement. Be there for him, to support him when he needs the most but don’t you try to solve his issues for him. It may make you feel like you are useless, but in reality, you are doing the right thing in the perfect timing.

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8. Give him space to talk

Relationships are hard, and sometimes the hardest thing you will do is to wait for your boyfriend to say something. Most men don’t know how to express themselves with words. They get frustrated, with a million things on their mind and they don’t know how to explain it and what to explain first. Give him time and space to think. You are his loved one and will come back to you, to ask for your opinion and comfort. When he knows what to say, you have to give him space to speak. Don’t try to guess what he has to say and listen carefully to every word. In the end, give your opinion without getting critical. He his already frustrated and lost for words, you shouldn’t be adding things to that.

9. Wait to discuss something until you are calm

You being a girl, are most likely to explode when you are angry at your boyfriend. Everything looks wrong, the problem may seem like Mount Everest, and probably there are too many hormones on your bloodstream. Before you start arguing with your boyfriend, you may consider taking a deep breath and calm down before touching the subject. Your anger may not let you see the real problem, so you need to calm down and then begin to talk about it. You will cut the time of the fight to one-tenth, and if use always this method your arguments will be reduced to half.

10. Don’t be a roller coaster

There are times when your mind might be in the wrong place because you had a bad day, something is bothering you, and you don’t know what to do. At that times you may want to explode and criticize everyone around you, your boyfriend included. He loves you, wants to know what is going on and you start calling him names because you know that he loves you and he will be there for you. It’s true unless he gets sick of your outbursts. No one deserves to be called names because of something about what he knows nothing. Don’t call names to your boyfriend and more importantly, don’t say things you can’t take back. He may go away and never come back. Try to be someone that has it’s stuff together and come up with other ways to cope with the madness that is inside of your head.

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11. Give him guy time

Men will always be men, and they will still need their friends no matter their age. Guys love their girlfriends deeply but there will come a time where he needs is friends. He needs his time in a testosterone filled the room to know he is not losing himself, as you need and at that time you go out with your friends.
Sometimes he may be so happy with you that he may forget his friends. That need for testosterone will still be there, and you may notice it. You should encourage him to be with his friends.
Give him space to breathe because at the end of the day he will always come back to you.

12. Don’t expect perfection

The biggest mistake women do is to expect perfection. No one is perfect in this world, and everyone makes mistakes. Men usually don’t notice stuff. They don’t do it because they are ignoring you, it just happens. Sometimes they even do things they shouldn’t without knowing. First of all, don’t expect perfection and ignore the small stuff. Sometimes even when your boyfriend is trying is best, little things will go wrong. Ignore the small stuff because some things will never change, and if you think about it, it may not be as bad as you thought.
And, at those times he does something nice for you, thank him. It probably took him at least a week to plan it and do it. If that isn’t exactly as you wanted it to be, don’t be arrogant, say “thank you” give and him a kiss. You are always in his mind, and he is trying his best.

13. Trust him

This one is pretty self-explanatory: trust him. Begin your relationship with trust. He may be telling you a giant lie, and you may know about it. If it is something innocent, let it go. He is probably trying to make you a surprise. If it is something else, try to talk about it in a peaceful way and trust what he tells you. Trust him with your heart and soul. Your boyfriend loves to know he is the one you trust the most. Tell him about your problems, about what makes you happy, and he will trust you back.

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14. Let him be emotional

Women usually say that men have no feelings. That is wrong. They feel a lot of, and sometimes they feel them even more than you. Don’t look at him as a body filled up with testosterone and a heart made of stone. There are boys with an adorable heart that breaks easily. Let him be emotional around you. Let him cry in your arms if he needs it and you should never make fun of him for doing it, or he may never trust you again.

15. Never take him for granted

Probably the most common complaint that women do is that their boyfriend took them for granted. The opposite can happen as well. If you start to let yourself go and never dress up, he may lose interest in you. Of course, he still will love you, but your boyfriend likes to have a dressed up girl next to him so he can show you off to the world. Plus, you should keep doing those small and sweet things for him. He may not even notice you do them, but he will miss them when you stop.

16. Don’t try to change him

Your boyfriend may seem perfect for you but, like any other person, he has some quirks that you wish wouldn’t be there. Of course, you can try to change it, but then he won’t be the person you fell in love with.
If you ask men who are in a relationship, they will tell you that they hate when their partner tries to change him.
You are trying to be a better girlfriend so don’t try to change him because you may see something interesting: he will change for you without noticing. He will adapt to you as you are doing for him but his change can take a little bit longer. He will continue to be the same person you fell in love with but in a way that you can handle. Being patient and pointing him in the right direction is what you need to do.

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Is your boyfriend still a mystery to you? If you notice, all you have to do to become a better girlfriend is to listen to him and his body language. His body sometimes says things that he doesn’t know how to put into words. Be patient with him. All he needs is someone that is trying to understand him. If you don’t follow him now, wait a little longer because there will come a time when you know him like he has been a part of you for all of your life. So that all talk about “How to be a good girlfriend”, if you are a boy and wanna know “How to be a good boyfriend” Click here.


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