How long does it take to get over someone?

Time is a bitch. Sometimes it looks like it goes by really fast and sometimes it feels it goes by so slow that you begin to wonder if the earth is stopped. The truth is: time is relative.

Getting over a boy or a girl depends very much on your state of mind. Getting over a crush can be even harder if you keep on dreaming on what it could have been.

Usually, the time you take to get over someone depends on how much you were into the relationship. It can take you days, weeks, months or even years to get over that special person. And, of course, every breakup is different so are People and relationships.

You know you got over someone when thinking of them no longer causes you pain. This pain being, you stop cursing every time that person comes up in your mind.


Some people say that the time needed to get over a breakup is half of the time of the relationship. If the relationship lasted six months, it could take you three months to get over it. But this is not an exact science.

You can date for six months and it might take you a year to get over it, or you can date for a year, and it can take only a few days or weeks to move on. It just depends on you.

Usually, what helps people in this situation is knowing that the pain as an end, it doesn’t last forever. What most people notice is that around the “halftime” things start to get better and better. The pain is mostly gone.

If you are in a state where you think there is nothing to hope for, the pain will never be gone, and your heart will never be in one piece. Be patient. Your pain will be gone, and you will have the strength to pick up the pieces of your heart and glue them back together. Happiness will return to your life as strong as before

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