Love is a beautiful thing. It’s even more beautiful when it’s corresponded. You fall in love, and nothing can stop you. You are in a relationship, happy and fulfilled. Things are going great as never before. Then, all of a sudden, you have to go separate ways, literally and you begin thinking about your options.

Usually, because of college or work, things get more complicated than they were. Your loved one has to go to a place far away from you.

At this time, you start to re-evaluate your life, and because your love is strong, you end up deciding on a long distance relationship.

People may tell you “Long Distance Relationship? Are you crazy? That never works!”

Let me help you prove them wrong.

Long distance Relationship Problems:

Every kind of relationship has issues, but Long distance relationship problems are quite different and much more significant than in a conventional relationship. The couple has to solve their problems, but there is one big issue between them: distance.

Distance can do anything to a relationship if the couple isn’t sure about it and if they don’t solve or don’t address their issues.

In long-distance relationships there are several things in common starting with the problems listed below:

  1. Too much space gives you a sense of freedom which is good in a relationship, but sometimes you could use a little less space, and you would love to be “glued” to your loved one.
  2. And the overthinking comes in the way when things start to change a little bit. It’s inevitable even when everything is good at that time.
  3. Jealousy and other fears related happen naturally. You don’t know who is with your significant other and he or she can get distracted from you because you are not present.
  4. Although relationships are great and you have your time to be by yourself to think and focus, feeling like being trapped can happen. You want to do certain things, but you are still in a relationship.
  5. When it comes to long distance relationships, it’s hard to know what the other person is thinking. Asymmetric effort comes as a ghost, silent and deadly since one of you stops getting interested in the relationship.
  6. Loneliness is a feeling that haunts you, especially on the bad days. Being far apart is hard but not being able to talk when you need the most is even harder.
  7. Everything is ok in one moment and the next your partner stops talking to you. That’s ghosting, and there are several reasons for that to happen.
  8. Possessiveness is one of the biggest problems and hard to solve. It can begin with just curiosity and escalate to something out of your control.

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Long Distance Relationship Advice:

Long distance relationships are something new. They exist because there is technology that allows people to communicate with someone that is across the world, several time-zones apart. It is something new, so you start asking for advice. Here I give you useful information for you to keep on your hard times.

  1. One of the issues that may occur during an LDR (long distance relationship) is that you have nothing about you can to talk. Doing things in common may help you with that.
  2. Care packages are a must! Send your partner some gifts with your smell in it. It helps you not to feel alone during the time apart.
  3. Break the routine by doing something different from the usual. Take an interest in each other lives and ask different questions to each other every day.
  4. Talking about your problems has to be done. If there is a problem, but you don’t talk about it, it may seem like everything is fine but you know that is not true.
  5. When you are apart from your loved one, you should concentrate on other things like friends and new projects. When you are alone with nothing to do, your mind starts drifting to the sad things in life.

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How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship:

With all the issues going on in an LDR all you needed sometimes is a magic recipe to make everything right. Unfortunately, magic doesn’t exist and keeping a long distance relationship can become a form of art. Here are some tips and tricks to help you:

  1. Relationships are based on love and passion. Long distance relationships have a lot of love, but passion can be absent. Having long distance sex may be a challenge, although it is possible to do it like you are together.
  2. On an LDR, it’s important to make time for the other one on purpose. You need your time as a couple, and sometimes some things can get in the way if you don’t have your time scheduled.
  3. Gifts are the best. Everyone loves to receive them. Send gifts to your lover, so he/she knows that he/she is always in your mind.
  4. Communication is crucial for everything. If you don’t talk about everything, things can get tough.
  5. In life, you have to adjust to every situation that comes up. In a long distance relationship, you need to make adjustments as a couple regularly to things work as best as possible.

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Long Distance Relationship Tips:  

Are you starting a long distance relationship and you don’t know what to do? Let me tell you: you are not alone. There is a lot of people in this world in the same situation. You start by asking your parents, your friends and maybe your colleagues and every one of them tells you different things. You don’t have to fear anymore because there are some tips to make your long-distance relationship last listed below:

  1. Embrace the change in your life like you never did before. Take that difficult thing and make the most of it.
  2. Sometimes you can replicate your life together by using a hands-free phone. You can both talk to each other while doing chores.
  3. Defining rules and boundaries is essential at the beginning of an LDR. Define how things are going to be, and you will have nothing to worry you.
  4. Your long distance relationship can’t last forever. Create a time limit for the LDR so you can count down the days for when you will be together.
  5. If you are separating from being together for some time, you have to start the long distance relationship the best you can. Solve all your problems before it starts.
  6. Makeup or break up – every problem has a solution. It’s in your hands to do what you think it’s best.

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Long Distance Sex:

Sex is a big part of a relationship. Is fun, helps people connecting and demonstrates the passion to one another. In a long-distance relationship, sex can seem something impossible to accomplish. You can’t touch either feel each other’s bodies. Seems something impossible to achieve.

If you think about it, there is a lot of technology to help you feel like you are with the love of your life and sex becomes more natural when you are alone. Here are some ideas listed for you:

  1. Let’s start with the most basic thing – sexting. Your imagination can’t betray you.
  2. After texting, the natural step is beginning to do phone sex. You can hear your lover: what he or she is saying, you hear each other breathing and so on.
  3. If you are more an adventurous person, you can try Skype sex. Things become funnier than over the phone. Seeing the other person makes things more exciting.
  4. Have you ever heard of sex toys? Get some of them and tell your partner to install apps on his/her phone. Control those toys remotely and have fun!
  5. Make a replica of your genitals. It is pretty self-explanatory, and it is a fun departure gift.

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Pros And Cons of Long Distance Relationship:

All relationships have their pros and cons. In long-distance relationships, you may be thinking a little too much about the cons. It’s normal. Your partner is far away, and all you can think about is how much you will miss him/her. Then all of those thoughts translate on jealousy and drama. Like every coin has two sides, an LDR has them too. Here are some pros and cons of a long distance relationship:


  1. You know the saying: practice makes perfect. When there is nothing much you can do besides talking you get to be a better communicator and your communication skills are improved
  2. Sometimes you may feel like you are suffocating in your relationship. When you are apart, you never get out of space to breathe.
  3. Relationships are distracting. Not being with your distraction makes You more focused on your projects and life.
  4. More intimacy comes with communication. When you talk all the time, you have to open your hearts to one another or relationship dies.
  5. Long distance relationships are made by people that are dedicated to each other, and you know you have nothing to fear.


  1. The con that haunts you is not being with your significant other for long periods of time. You miss your lover and right now there is nothing you can do about it.
  2. When people are apart, they feel pressure not to have arguments. Every second with your partner is crucial, and you don’t want to ruin it with little fights over the phone.
  3. Feeling alone is common in this type of relationship. Sometimes all you need is a hug you can’t have.
  4. Traveling becomes expensive because you have to do it frequently. Budgeting your entire life may not be fun, but in the end, it is very gratifying.
  5. You get addicted to your cell phone. You are so afraid to lose even a second talking to your lover that you are regularly checking your phone. You can’t stop touching it even if you haven’t a good reason to do it.

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Brief Summary:

Long distance relationships are hard. It takes a lot of work and dedication, but you know you have someone with you for better and for worst. Sometimes it may feel like everything is lost and there is nothing you can do. As you can see, there is a lot you can do to keep a long distance relationship. The most important thing is communication. Talking about your worries and happiness is what makes the relationship going forward. Problems need to be solved as efficiently as possible, or they will come between you two, and things can go wrong at any time.

By following all the tips and tricks listed on here, your relationship will last for years to come.


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