Christmas is a magical time in the year. It gathers families, brings out the love for one another, everything is magical and peaceful. Except for malls. You take a day for shopping go into the mall and buy things for your parents, siblings, cousins, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, work colleagues because you are going to have a company dinner and everybody agreed to do secret Santa. You leave the most important ones for last: your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush. Here I give you some ideas for Christmas presents they will love.

Best Christmas gift for your boyfriend

Men are a mystery, and there is no doubt about that. They don’t talk much, and most of the times they don’t know what they want. Of course, your boyfriend is not like the others. He is a mystery that you are solving bit by bit. You know his likes and dislikes like no one else, but still, you have no idea what to give him on Christmas. Asking is always a good idea, but as it is said before, men don’t know what they want. The real problem comes up if you belong to the group of people that is terrible at gift giving. Worry no more, help has arrived.

First of all, you have to offer something which shows that you are thinking of him. He may not show it, but he loves to know he is in your head at all times.

In the second place, men love toys! Men love gadgets and technology. Of course, you can get him a sweater and maybe he needs it since shopping is not his thing, but give him a shirt with a theme. If he loves Game of Thrones, give him a GoT sweater, for example. If he enjoys listening to music, give him wireless earphones. His eyes will sparkle when he opens the package.

Talking about gadgets, there is a long list from where you can choose. A smartwatch is a good idea if your boyfriend likes to exercise, a drone, a wireless touch speaker. If he is a joker, anything with a joke on it will do: a mug, socks, a book, a hat to hold beer. The sky is your limit as long it is something chosen with him in mind.

Best Christmas gift for your girlfriend

Women are complicated. They don’t come with an instruction manual, there is none in the stores, and there are times you want to bang your head against the wall because you don’t know what to do. On Christmas, this gets even worse. Some women know what they want and tell you, there are the ones who know what they want and buy it, leaving you without ideas, and there are those who know what they want and don’t tell you and you have to guess. All of this women have one thing in common: they only want something special.

For it to be unique, you don’t have to do much. You have to go to the shop with your girlfriend in your mind and your heart. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or cheap or if you found it on the street. Women like to be cherished and to feel special.

First of all, everything for what she asks during the rest of the year, it’s a clue. Write it down! When Christmas comes, she won’t remember what she wanted before, and you can make her a pleasant surprise. If you are thinking about doing something different, you can buy tickets for a concert or a game (if she likes sports), or plan a weekend away for just the two of you. If you are into DIYs, you may consider making her a beautiful present.

Second, never give her something that you know you will enjoy more than her because after you will have to apologize with a bunch of flowers (if this happens, choose flowers with a pleasant smell).

Best Christmas gift for your crush

When it comes to crushes, everyone has doubts and insecurities. Usually, a crush is someone you don’t know very well, and a person with whom you don’t often talk. Seeing your crush from afar makes you daydream. Your mind drifts for what would be like to kiss her/him, and it looks magical in your mind.

By this time of the year, Christmas lights begin to appear on the streets and malls, and tv is full of starts and beautiful songs and all sorts of publicity that only makes you dream more and more about your crush.

At this stage, some people may think about offering a gift to the person who makes ones heart warm and full of joy. But, is it a good idea?

Of course, it is! First of all, people love to receive gifts because they like to know that someone is thinking about them. Christmas is the perfect opportunity for your crush to know that there is someone with love to give. If you are not ready for your crush to find out who you are, there is always the possibility to make it anonymous. Creating a secret admirer is the perfect way to approach someone when you are not sure of what your crush’s reaction will be.

Now that you know it is a good idea to offer your crush a gift, you have to decide what will be the perfect thing to give.

Your first instinct may be making a big gesture, so your crush knows what he/she means to you. It would be romantic to declare your love in front of many people, of course. It can be done, but there are a few things to consider:

  • Do your crush loves surprises and big gestures?
  • Is your crush into you? If not, are you ready to be rejected in front of other people?


You should consider making a small gesture. Not knowing someone very well, requires some precaution so, go small and there will be nothing of what to be afraid.

This gift has to be very special because you are trying to tell someone how much you love him/her. Nothing says “special” like a handmade gift. It takes time and energy from you. Even if it doesn’t turn out flawless and perfect as it would be if it were bought in a store, it is still special because you made it.

If you are not big into DIY, and can’t come up with an idea to save your life, and you decided to buy the perfect gift, it should be reflecting you and your crush together. Think of a private joke you two may have created sometime you have talked, some topic you have discussed and choose your gift accordingly. It should be sweet and smart.

In Conclusion:

Always think about the person receiving the present and make it as special as possible. It doesn’t matter where is the source of your idea, and people love to know someone is thinking about them. Gift your love a thing from the heart, and it won’t disappoint. Even if your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t get the meaning of it, it’s ok. You can explain it, and when everything makes sense in his/her head, you will see his/her eyes sparkle. Make it simple, sweet and meaningful.


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