Talking dirty is one way to show that you are good at sex and plan to be even better at it. Words are a powerful resource: you can make people get into the mood for sex, makes things hot in the bedroom and can help people have an orgasm. If you are a woman, you probably are not so into it in the bedroom since you would rather enjoy the moment than say or hear things that turn you off. If you are a man, you probably enjoy it a lot more to speak and hear dirty stuff. Not everyone is the same and if you don’t know your partner that well, you may struggle to find the right words so start slow. Here are some tips that will make you better at dirty talking, no matter if you are a newbie or already a pro at it.


Whisper Everything

Whispering in ear
Whispering in ear

Dirty talk is supposed to be sexy and what can be sexier than have your partner tell you “I love when you do that” to your ear? You have to listen to it closely, and the feeling of your breath on your partner’s ear gives them a tingling on the spine that makes everything ten times hotter.



The only thing which can help you get better at talking dirty is practice. If you watch porn, you may think that saying “I love to suck your dick” is the way to go.

You should start slow and ease into it. For instance, you can start by sharing what you are feeling in the moment by saying “It feels so good I can barely stand it.” Or, if saying this in the bedroom is too much for you, there is always the option to do it before to create sexual tension “If we weren’t here (public place) you’d have no change to keep your clothes on.”


Don’t Force it

When starting or even if you are experienced, never force the dirty talk. It can sound very sexy in your mind, but it will be more of a turn off when said out loud. The best way to start a dirty talk is by engaging it on a topic that has nothing to do with it. It will come out much more natural and sexy as hell.


Give feedback

Some people feel like when asking for something during sex, it will come out as directions. That is wrong since giving feedback and asking for different stuff can be a turn on. It is a way to say what you are feeling but a little more direct. For instance, you can say “harder!” or tell your partner “Take your clothes off.” Simple, yet very effective.



One easy way to talk dirty is to compliment. Of course, I’m not talking about telling your partner “Your eyes are gorgeous” but instead something in the lines of “I can’t stop staring at your ass.”


Remember what you did

If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, this is an excellent tip for you. When talking about past actions say things like “Remember when we…?”. Fill in the blanks the way you feel more comfortable.



Teasing is useful in many ways: you can train your dirty talk and at the same time arouse your partner. Tell things like “I have got a surprise for you tonight” or “I’m touching myself right now” (the last one is to use when you are sexting).

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Get into it!

Talking dirty may not be an option for everyone when they are starting, but once they get the hang of it, it’s impossible to stop. Your mind starts going wild and dirty even with the slightest thing you see and it becomes impossible to not talk about it. Although saying dirty things is half way to become good at sex, it’s not everything you need. It is, however, a good way to flirt and gain confidence in yourself. If you can talk dirty to one person, nothing will stop you to talk to another one like that. Don’t overthink it and let it come to you. Words will become more comfortable and so will sex.

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