Losing your virginity is the first big step you have to take in your life. It is the introduction to a whole new world. Of course, it can be something casual, but you should consider getting a girlfriend before that.

Right now you are probably wondering how do you have sex; the best positions to use during sex; what you should do to make her have an orgasm or even if you should start dirty talking. Don’t worry, we will get there but right now here are some things you should be aware before you lose your virginity.


1. It Can Be Quick

This one can be a source of worries for you. Truth be told: you have no idea of what you are doing, but there is some pretty exciting stuff happening.

Don’t try to postpone your orgasm by thinking about sports or chores you have to do. Focus on being in the moment and your partner’s needs. There are always other ways you can please her.

2. Use A Condom

Condom Smiley
Condom Smiley

Have you ever heard about STDs? They are out there, and they are real.

If you are losing your virginity with someone who is a virgin, STDs are probably not an issue but still, better be safe than sorry.

If you are losing your V-card with someone that has had sexual partners before, you should be careful. Don’t think that because this is your first time, nothing will happen to you.

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3. Know If She is On Birth Control

Condoms can break, and if you don’t use one, you better make sure she is on birth control. You could use the “Pull out” method, but that’s everything but reliable. Plus, men can expel some pre-ejaculatory fluid with some spermatozoa that can also make her pregnant. Be careful and do not start your sex life with a kid in your arms.


4. You Might Not Finish Tthe First Time

Usually, men are worried that they will finish too fast the first time they have sex. But there are some of them that don’t finish at all. That’s fine, and that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. Also, it doesn’t say you are going to be like that forever. The first time is always unpredictable.  


5. Everyone is Nervous The First Time

Yes, you are not alone on this. You, your partner and everyone in history was nervous before having sex for the first time. You are showing your naked body to someone that is not your parents or your siblings. Plus, you are not a baby anymore, and your “no-no” parts are developed. Take a deep breath, relax and let it flow.


6. Don’t Try To Copy What You Saw In Porn

Porn gives people unrealistic standards for sex. It has violent thrusting, acrobatic positions and some other weird stuff that not everybody enjoys and you most certainly won’t enjoy on your first time. At this time you are exploring your body, what sex is and what it can be. Focus on what feels right and then build up from that.


7. Foreplay

Never forget foreplay! Yes, you are a boy, and a simple thought can make you good to go. Girls usually aren’t like that as they need more time to get ready. Since this is your first time you may need some time to relax and foreplay is the best way to do it. Also, it helps your bodies getting ready for intercourse: boys get harder, girls get wetter.


8. It May Not Be As Good As You Thought

First time having sex can be very uncomfortable. You are going in with high expectations: in your mind is all fireworks and magic. In reality, it can be nothing more than just “normal.” Sex happens mentally and physically. If you are all nervous and uncomfortable, it can be hard to enjoy the experience. Plus, after sex, hormones are everywhere, and it can make you feel like what happened is a terrible thing. Don’t worry about that. As you keep having sex, things start to shift, and sexual relations will become more enjoyable and fun.


Summing Up!

The first time you “do it” can be very awkward. The best thing for you to do is relax and if something is wrong, tell your partner. Never copy what you may have seen in porn and start to think what are the best positions for her. Let it flow, and naturally, everything you are thinking about will happen even the dirty talking. Of course, there is probably a lot more stuff to know before you lose your virginity but those things are the ones you will have to find out for yourself. Everyone is different, and all the experiences are different. Simply do what feels right for you.


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