Losing your virginity is the first big step you have to take in your life. It is the introduction to a whole new world. It’s the first time you are seeing another person completely naked beside your siblings. Of course, it can be something casual, but you should consider getting a boyfriend before that.

Right now you are probably wondering how do you have sex; the best positions to use during sex; what positions are the best to have an orgasm or even if you should start dirty talking. Don’t worry, we will get there but right now here are some things you should be aware before you lose your virginity.


1. You May Not Bleed

Usually, for girls, losing virginity is when they have vaginal sex and the hymen breaks. In the old times, a woman would lose her virginity on the day of her wedding, and to prove it they would put the bloody sheet hanging outside the bedroom’s window. Truth is: not all of them bled, and many of them had to find a way for blood to appear there.

The hymen can break in several different occasions: putting on a tampon, while masturbating or even when practicing sports. Also, your hymen can be so flexible it may not break the first time you have sex.


2. It May Hurt, But Not Really

The first time you do anything, you are going into the unknown. The first time having sex, you are probably going to be very nervous, and that can make you not relax at all, in particular, your vagina muscles. Also, if you are not aroused enough, there may be a lot more friction than it should. Take your time and use lube.

If you have taken your time and everything is lubed up as it should, you still can feel a little pressure because it’s the first time your vagina muscles are expanding. As you keep having sex, this pressure feeling will go away. – book

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3. Your Soul Won’t Be Attached To The First Person You Have Sex With

Everyone wants it to be special the first time and with the right person because you will feel a connection with him for your entire life. Actually, this only happens if you want. There is no rule in the world that says you will look back fondly at that person 20 years from now just because he was your first. When losing your virginity, a lot is happening at the same time with your body and your mind so it may not be that good and not worth remembering after it happened.

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4. It Does Not Dictate The Rest Of Your Sex Life

Never think that your sex life will be like the first time you did it. It’s like playing sports: the more you do it, more practice you will have, and better you will be. Once you get the hang of it, there is nothing that can stop you from having better and better sex. Plus, since you know what you are doing and what is going on, everything will feel more and more natural.


5. There Is No Right Time For Having Sex

If you are waiting for that magical time when the stars align, and everything to be in the perfect way for you to have sex, forget it. There is no such thing. It can be completely spontaneous, or it can take a lot of planning. Unexpected things are always happening so you can be watching a movie with your boyfriend and things get hot and dirty, and you do it right there; you may just have an encounter of casual sex and that’s it, or you plan it to the second, and in the end something happens and everything goes down the drain. You have to relax and let yourself go with the flow because if you don’t, the best option will be the wedding night.


6. Masturbation is Practice

Women are complicated – or men say so. When it comes to sex, you as a girl, need to know your body: what you like, what you don’t like and how you want it. Masturbation is the best way to find it out and to teach your future partner what to do so he knows how to give you pleasure. Of course, having an orgasm the first time you have sex is unlikely (and something that you will probably hear from 50 Shades of Grey), but if you know yourself, sex will be more comfortable for you.


7. You Can Get Pregnant The First Time

You being a girl, have to be aware that you can get pregnant at any time of your menstrual cycle and it doesn’t matter if this is your first or your tenth time. You can definitely get pregnant the first time you have sex and catch some nasty STD from your partner. If you are planning on starting your sex life anytime soon, go to your doctor and get information about contraceptives and how you can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, you should always use a condom as it prevents children and any nasty illness between your legs.

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After all of that information, the one question that may be haunting you is: How does sex feel like?

If you ask someone who has done it several times, the answer will be “sex feels amazing” or something similar. Realistically speaking, sex can feel different every time you do it. It depends on what you have on your mind, the person you are doing it with, if you are into it or not. But, in the first time, sex can be awkward, painful or like you see stars. There is no way to tell how it will be like for you. Just be yourself, take your time and don’t worry. You won’t get branded by the first time you did it.

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Summing Up!

As you may notice, the first time is never magical but awkward instead. The best thing for you to do is relax and if something is wrong, tell your partner. You being a girl, things can be complicated. Be prepared and use lube. Let it flow, and naturally, everything you are thinking about will happen or disappear during the experience. Of course, there is probably a lot more stuff to know before you lose your virginity but those things are the ones you will have to find out for yourself. Everyone is different, and all the experiences are different. Simply do what feels right for you.


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