Breakups are the worst. You love someone, you are willing to do everything to keep them and in the end, everything falls apart and getting over the break up seems impossible.

If you are a girl, your head may be filled with knots and dead ends because you don’t know how to move on. If you are a guy, your head may be worst than New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In both cases, you can detangle what’s on your mind and build up from there. Hope is not lost. To get over a breakup, you have to think like this:


1. I am better without him/her because…


Think about all the things you couldn’t do when you were in the relationship. All the things you have dreamed of doing but you didn’t because your ex-partner didn’t want to do it with you.

Find a reason for why you are better without that person and repeat it to yourself. You will see that you will feel free and more fulfilled than when you were before.


2. Screw him/her


Some studies say that cursing can be beneficial and help to relieve pain. You may not be a fan of cursing but this one may help you.

Don’t take this as an excuse to trash-talk your ex. You can think the words, whisper or shout to the universe in a private place where you can combine bad words with tears without having to explain yourself to anyone.


3. I want to be happy

If you were the one to put an end on the relationship, this is a thought that may have been haunting you for some time.

If you are the one who got broken up with, you are probably not aware of how much happiness on what you are missing.

If it was mutual, it’s because you both weren’t happy in the relationship.

In any of the situations, you have to repeat to yourself “I want to be happy.”. It may seem awkward on the first or second time, but then you will realize that it is true. You want to be happy. That’s why you were in that relationship in the first place. You can be satisfied on your own, and that begins with one single thought.


4. I deserve better

break up

No matter the reason the relationship ended, you always deserve better. Now is a time to remember all the things your ex- did that were not ok with you.

As every relationship has problems and arguments, there will always be something your ex- did or said in those moments that were not appropriate. It can be a small thing but it is enough to make you think that you deserve better. Think like that and better things will come to you.


5. I love myself

love your self

Self-love is the most important thing you can have. This thought only works if you believe it. Of course, you can repeat it to yourself until you believe it. You are the one responsible for your actions and sayings.

You can’t give someone what you don’t have. Plus, if you go into a relationship, besides thinking about your partner, you will think more about yourself and what you need. It will be easier to take action. Of course, you still have to think about your boyfriend/girlfriend, but if you think a little bit more about yourself, you make sure you get what you deserve.

Believe and love yourself. It brings confidence and happiness that you never thought it would be possible.


6. Remember annoying things your partner did

The best way to get over your ex is thinking about all of the annoying things he/she did. A song your ex- sang on an occasion that stuck in your head and that you were never able to let go; That dumb haircut your ex- had; a tic your ex- had that always annoyed you. If you remember that, you will be winning the breakup in no time.


7. I’ll find someone better


This sentence can be the hardest one to say out loud especially if you think your ex- was “the one.”.  Because it is the hardest, it is also the most crucial. The truth is, you will most definitely find someone better for you.

This person won’t have annoying quirks like your ex, will be kind and sweet to you, will treat you well and, most importantly, won’t break your heart into a thousand pieces.

In The END

It can be hard to tell this sentences to yourself and even harder to say them out loud. You may not believe them even a little bit but give it a chance and time. Even if you don’t believe them now, you may start believing them sometime after. When you do, the break up will seem like a need to you and that you are better without your ex even if you still love her/him.


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